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Today, Zimbabweans, activists and sympathisers stood in solidarity protesting the continued incarceration of Hon Sikhala who has been in prison for 256 days without bail. The protesters were demanding the release of Hon Sikhala #FreeWiwa
Protesters were told of the importance of speaking up, calling out persecution, human rights abuses and were encouraged to continue to protest demanding the Zimbabwe regime to be held accountable for the atrocities they perpetrate against CCC champions and other human rights activists.
There was, Chief Felix Ndiweni and Lord Jonny Oates in attendance today, the 25th February 2023. They discussed the problems with political intimidation in Zimbabwe. Lord Oats cited Job Sikhala and other Political prisoners in Zimbabwe regarding detention without trial etc. 
Lord Oates later published a supporting Tweet which we have published here on the right.
 Chief Ndiweni also reported some disturbing news;
"because I attended the event today, the 23 villagers were all visited yesterday to report to the police and courts this Tuesday for "not finishing their community service". They were informed if the Chief, myself, keeps a 'low-profile' nothing will happen to the villagers.
So yet more of the 'underhand' coercion that is employed by the regime of Zanu PF and its corruption of the Rule of Law.
This event is a prelude to the Full Petition to be handed over to the British Prime Minister on the 16th March at 2:00pm BST - see the event page CLICK HERE
  CCC Diaspora and their Supporters in the UK
  The support today regarding the 253 days that Job Sikhala has been held in detention, without trial and denied bail [15times]
  At the Zimbabwe Embassy - 429 The Strand, London
  The supporters were turning up to make this demonstration known
 Some characters at the demo  The Group is building
 Yellow is the colour [of the opposition in Zimbabwe]  More Yellow
 Blue Skies and sunshine  Chief Ndiweni Arrives
 A bright and sunny day - yellow is the colour of the sun  Chief Felix Ndiweni arrives

A small selection of the photos taken this afternoon. Some of those appearing had traveled from Scotland to attend this important event.

Nontokozo Malaba Ncube {also one of the Petitioners for the 16th March handover to 10 Downing St} 
Speakers at this event included:
  •  Vengai Mutsawu 
  •  Diana Machingauta 
  •  Lloyd Shumbayaonda
  •  Patricia Chinyoka 
  •  Makomborero Haruzivishe 
  •  Chief Ndiweni 
  •  Lord Jonny Oates