Cartoon with the Crocodille - MnangagwaEmmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa:

Recently elected HIMSELF through electoral rigging and as seen as the illegitimate leader of Zimbabwe, Mnangagwa continues his 'legacy' of destroying, looting and abuse of power. For the past 6 years he has been in power, there is so much evidence that Zimbabwe has been in it's worst state ever, with no development at all and the country is going back into the 'old' age. [see Amnesty International, This Website and ZHRO's articles.]

One of the CCC member's (activist Simbarashe Jingo) made a comment on how unconstitutional this move, to change from Sovereign Wealth Fund of Zimbabwe to Mutapa Investment Fund is proof that he is on a looting spree, as he describes that this is a "looting vehicle" that will be "one of the biggest loots ever in Zimbabwe".

It is recorded that Zimbabwe is losing over a billion dollars {$1,000,000,000} each year to looting, corruption and Mnangagwa being the king pin. Mnangagwa has done nothing to change the lives of Zimbabwe but only corruption and 'crushing' his opponents.

Former Finance Minister of Zimbabwe, Tendai Biti, on his interview with Heart and Soul said, the SI {Statutory Instrument} brought 20 state entities under one roof.

"The instrument does not meet the test of law and must be rejected as it is illegal. This law was unnecessary,” Biti said.

“They are transferring the public shares into a private vehicle. The government already owns the shares, I think the issue is to sell shares as quickly as possible without public scrutiny.”

A Sovereign Wealth Fund, according to Mt Pleasant MP, Fadzayi Mahere, is a state-owned investment fund comprised of money generated by the government through, for example, surplus reserves from state-owned natural resource revenues, trade surpluses, bank reserves that accumulate from budgeting excesses, foreign currency operations or money that accrues from privatization projects.

Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, nicknamed "The Crocodile" due to his Crocodile "farm" {where all the bodies are disposed of -allegedly} seen in this cartoon, aptly encapsulating the new Mutapa Wealth Fund.